• Lasharee Rogers

Broken On Purpose

Recently my son had to undergo surgery. While playing basketball he broke his pinky, but in his passion and desire to stay in the game he brushed it off as a minor “jammed finger”, pushing past the pain and continued to play. Weeks and maybe even a few months went by and we noticed a slight disfigurement to his pinky and when we addressed it during his annual physical, the Dr. pointed out that it looked as if it had been broken and reset itself. He went on to say, that as long as it doesn’t bother him and it’s functional he would suggest not messing with it. Needless to say a few weeks later while playing ball again, my son hurt that same pinky. He tried again to push pass the pain, but the pain was too severe and it affected his ability to play well. We then followed up with an orthopedic doctor. After much test and x-rays, two things were confirmed, he had actually broken his finger the first time, but this time not only did he break the finger again, he also tore a ligament which made his finger more susceptible to further injury. In his attempt to bypass the complete process of healing, my son told the Dr. he didn’t feel any pain in hopes that it would lessen the time he would have to be removed from the game, but what the Dr. said next made all the difference. The Dr. Stated, "you may not feel the pain of it all now, you may even be able to play ball without sustaining another injury, which is highly unlikely due to the damage done, but I guarantee you that if not repaired, you will experience a very painful future living with the permanent effects of arthritis, which is very painful and irreversible." So in a nut shell it will be to your benefit to deal with the problem now! Don't allow the pain of your past to affect your future. Don't allow your brokenness to stifle your purpose, to keep you from your God ordained destiny.

Brokenness, a word with many definitions which all seem to indicate the idea that something or someone is not altogether… “Forcibly separated into two or more pieces”, “Having been violated”, “Incomplete”, “weakened and infirm”, and finally, my favorite “not functioning; out of order”. The story of my son’s experience was a great metaphor that God used to show me just how often we are inflicted with a “break” in our lives and most of the time we have the wrong information and people around us encouraging us to move forward. Too often we feel because it doesn’t seem to affect us right now, we are fine. A "break" which is generally caused by sin, our own sin, generational curses, or simple acts of ignorance, "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…" Hosea 4:6. So often when a situation occur causing brokenness, out of that same ignorance we continue to press our way, and just like that broken bone, we become mentally, emotionally and spiritually crippled. We continue to operate and function normally while the dis-figuration of our brokenness is displayed in so many areas of our lives, yet we accept it due to our ability to perform and produce without hindrance. The idea of having to stop what feels and looks good, to deal with our brokenness sometimes poses more of a threat to us than the actual ailment that exists.

Acknowledgement The act of admitting the existence or truth of something...

Purpose is best identified in brokenness when the inflicted area is acknowledged, assessed and supported. Reaching your destiny is contingent upon purpose showing up. The goal of the enemy is to distract you from knowing and understanding your purpose so he can in turn distort your destiny. Brokenness is the agent used in the enemy’s plan to bring about confusion to areas of our lives, usually the areas in which God plans to use us the most. So the more we stay ignorant to the unacknowledged truths found in our brokenness, the more the enemy controls our destiny because we cannot come into complete fulfillment of purpose and destiny broken.

Surrender to give oneself up into the power of another...

There was a definition in brokenness that I intentionally failed to mention earlier, but brokenness is also defined as the ability to be “subdued totally; humbled”. The ability to acknowledge, and bring all that is broken to its maker is wisdom. I’m reminded of most cars, when they break down or need servicing. In most cases it’s the dealer of origin that is highly recommended to achieve the highest goals of repairs. Most times we make the choice of taking it to a local car shop or a sidewalk mechanic to avoid paying the price. This stands true with brokenness in our lives. So often we take our brokenness to people, places and things looking for a quick fix that will provide temporary relief, because we don’t want to pay the price of having to rebuild, reconstruct and redevelop which is essential to obtaining wholeness. Most times it takes being stripped down, exposed and torn apart only so God can reset, recharge and place us back on track towards our destiny. The process of being broken down and being rebuilt is never an easy task, physically and most of all mentally. It requires taking most of what you thought was right (lies of the enemy) and resetting your mind to the things of God “…but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2. Although this process is difficult, our strength is found in our maker, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped…” Psalm 28:7. Not only will God strengthen you during this time, He will also cover and protect you, as long as you trust Him to do what only the Maker can do, restore and make you whole!

As I walked alongside my son through the process of surgery and healing, I think the most painful part of watching him heal was seeing him endure the process of waiting. As parents we just want to swoop down and save our children so they won’t have to suffer, and I believe the same is true with God. I watched my son endure for weeks of not playing ball and the look on his face as he had to sit and watch knowing he wasn’t complete or whole enough to get into the game was hard for me. Watching the team achieve victories without his physical support must have been challenging for him as well, but having to trust the process, even when he didn’t want to I believe had extreme value that will carry him a long way in life.

Although we can endure and achieve minor goals in our brokenness, I believe God says, just imagine how high we can soar in being whole and complete in Him.

Walk in it!

Broken on Purpose

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