• Lasharee Rogers

Untouched Pain

Untouched pain... The pain we dare not to revisit in fear of what it may reveal. The pain that has the solution to the who, the what, the whys and the hows, but yet we are still reluctant to caress its jagged edges fearing the damage it may bring. Untouched pain, the pain that has been shoved into our sub conscience mind only to betray the conscience mind that wholeness is present.

Untouched pain, becomes a cancer like mass in our livelihood, needing to be cut out, removed, addressed, managed, faced, to avoid further damage, leaving a void that only the creator can fill. It goes undetected for long periods of time and like a neglected child, untouched pain will find ways to demand your attention. It will cry out during your most intimate settings. At your highest achievements, it will bring about moments of confusion, doubt, and fear, and just when you managed to get it all right, untouched pain will begin to gnaw through the facade of perfection leaving residue of guilt and shame delaying the process.

Untouched pain has to be embraced like a long lost family member in need of a second chance. Your ability to touch “IT” will restore sight that had been lost and misguided. It purges identity, bringing forth the bear truth needed to pursue purpose. The searching of the soul becomes easy and Revelation of the real you is no longer a mystery. Purpose is discovered in that touch, and vision and hope is released. Curses are broken and everything attached to you wins.

In 2019 your healing starts with you. Others can support your reach, but the impact is only made when YOU touch the untouched.

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