How Can I Be A Victim When I said Yes?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

When you look around there are so many devices, and alarm systems designed to help families protect their homes, cars and personal belongings. There's the Amber Alert, that is set off across the nation to alert us all as to when a child has been abducted. There are agencies around the world put in place to monitor and respond to harmful behaviors of individuals on the internet and throughout every facet of social media.

But where are the flashing lights, the caution signs, the sounding alarms and devices here in the church? Who monitors and screens for the predator that camouflages himself within the body of Christ as the leader that has been "set apart and called by God" to care for our hearts? The leader that uses his position to manipulate, lie and gain access to the mind, body and souls of his prey. "God's man," who later hides behind the cross as a means of protection, using the very word of God as his way of escape. Pulling on the heart strings of unguarded trusting sheep, while performing false acts of humility seeking forgiveness. This all while manipulating minds to acknowledge his predatory acts as a mere sign of weakness; waiting for the dust to clear so he can move cleverly onto his next victim.

Saints of God, the predator spirit has made its way into the pulpit and throughout the body of Christ like never before. This spirit has so eloquently aligned itself up in the body of Christ with Its charismatic and narcissistic nature, disguising itself as a true leader for Christ. The Word of God warns us in Matthew 7:15 to "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." This spirit is causing marriages to be severed. It's through this spirit that families and relationships are being damaged, while breaking the spirits of women and men who are later shunned by the church for not being strong enough to withstand the temptations of this dominating spirit.

You ask...
How am I a victim when... Most church justice systems are designed to protect and cover its leaders. Allowing the predatory spirit to easily victimize and later strut gloatingly throughout the body of a Christ without consequence. Validating the lack of spiritual value within the church, yet increasing the spiritual battles within the mind and souls of the victims. Souls are damaged, never regaining its original form, needing time to recover from such a spiritual blow. Victims lose value in the church, the very church whose sole purpose was to add value and worth to a life, has now destroyed it through it's inability to respond accordingly to a bleeding heart, wounded by its very own shepherd.

How am I a victim when... In the secular world a psychologist, counselor or any mental health provider that abuses their power to gain access to their client emotionally and/or sexually can be charged for malpractice. In fact, the ethics codes of all major mental health professionals criminalize the offense. Yet, when the same behaviors are acted out in the church, by the Pastor, the spiritual counselor, the results are sometimes alarming. The response from the church usually leaves the victims feeling alone and even more victimized. Women and men are condemned, rejected and left feeling ashamed and disconnected from the church. Families and hearts are broken and in most cases the Pastors are restored to their positions left to victimize again.

Yes you are a victim!
For every unconscious moment you were being manipulated and groomed... You are a victim! For every point of false communication that was masked as concern and compassion, only to have your soul tampered with... You are a victim! For every inappropriate touch that left you feeling empty and detached... You are a victim! For every moment of fear, guilt and regret... you are a victim! For having your trust blindsided, adding another layer to your inability to break free from bondage... You are a victim! For taking your most vulnerable moments and using it as a supply source for displaced idiosyncrasies, yes You are a victim!

Woman/man of God let me encourage you! You may have said yes, you may have had a moment of weakness, bearing a thorn in your flesh that no man can remove but God, but hold true to the distinct difference between "falling" and being "tripped." According to the Word of God The shepherd's role is to lead, guide and most of all to PROTECT! Any unorthodox behaviors outside of that, from any spiritual leader, is spiritual abuse and it's wrong! The feeling of emptiness is real and exists within the strongest to the weakest wo(man), so knowing your worth is also acknowledging your weaknesses and guarding it with all your heart. We are conditioned to let our guards down in the house of God and rightfully so. By all means, most of us equate God with safety and trust. We embrace the notion that our Pastors, spiritual leaders are our connection to God as His mouth piece. So as wo(men), we should be able to freely rest knowing our vulnerabilities will not be exposed or exploited by the very ones that are held accountable for our souls.

Allow yourself to break free, know that God is restoring you and He has never left your side. You have more power than you know and through all the hurt, disappointment and shame God will still get complete glory. The Word of God states in Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Know that we all have weak moments, moments when we make poor and regretful decision, which is why God's mercy is everlasting. No one consents to being abused or hurt, but how good is it to know that we serve a God who heals and loves us unconditionally. A God who confirms in His Word that what the enemy meant for evil He will use for His good. So use your voice, know your power and allow God to get the glory from your life in every situation.





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